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I’m Justiss, Editor of 3 publications: Hard Knocks | Black Like Me | Just Like New and I write helpful advice and opinions about practically any and everything!

New Medium writers are invited to get writing advice on becoming a productive story writer and how to earn money from your writing.

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MY PUBLICATIONS: Hard Knocks | Black Like Me | Just Like New

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Are you looking for the right affiliate program to promote with very little effort?

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There are a lot of new online affiliates among us, here in the Medium community, and some may be seeking advice on affiliate marketing programs.

Just like the need for advice about writing on Medium is always at the top of a Medium writer’s list; affiliate marketers are focused on how to earn money from profitable affiliate products and services.

I’ve been writing and earning money online for more than two decades, and once upon a time, one of the primary ways I did that was by promoting various affiliate products.

That is why I want to share the details…

Do you want to earn money writing stories you like to write, and still help your readers benefit?

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If you’re a new online writer, or just new to this writing community, you may be struggling with what kind of stories you should be writing.

I recently wrote a story titled: What I Finally Figured Out By Publishing 220 Stories in Three Months, and in that story I give you my advice and opinions about the exact kind of stories you should be writing, and why.

What I shared, was my discovery of what the real money around here comes from; by writing what readers need. I even elaborated on what exactly I meant. I shared another related story…

Are you putting the wrong information at the end of your stories?

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Just recently I published a story that talks about all the important stuff I learned in the last three months.

During this period, I managed to publish 220 stories on Medium, so naturally, some writers will be curious how I did it, and of course, I’m anxious to share that information with whoever wants to know.

One of the most important things I discovered has to do with the way I’ve been concluding my stories; specifically in the “takeaway” or “final thoughts” at the end.

Allow me to jump right to the problem and spell things out, so it makes…

Do you want to know which stories earn me the most money and why?

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Greetings readers, and thanks for stopping to read probably your millionth story from a Medium writer, telling you about their achievements.

But by telling you exactly what I said in the title, I just might be able to save you an awful lot of time and energy, plus help you earn more on Medium.

I know how we all (including me) have a tendency to bail on a story partway through, but as I said, if you seriously want to know how things work on Medium and optimize your earning potential, without spinning your wheels, you’ll stick around to the…

Don’t you want stories with benefits, advantages, and practical tips you can use?

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I’m Justiss Goode, a prolific Medium writer with over 200 stories. Chances are, you’ve seen one or more of my stories, or maybe you’re just reading one of my stories for the first time.

Whatever the case, you’ll soon discover that I love to write, I’m a passionate writer, and if nothing else, I’ve very dedicated and thorough.

In fact, you may have landed on this page because you read my recent story titled: What I Finally Figured Out After Publishing 220 Stories in LESS than Three Months.

In that story, I share some very exciting, and revealing information about…

Have you checked your stories to see if any were curated?

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I’m sharing this information because I thought it was funny that I discovered all these stories had been curated and I didn’t even have a clue.

How many of you have been taking the time to check your own stories and see if any were curated? If you’re not doing it, you really should.

This particular story is not a list of reasons why you should check for curation, but I do have an upcoming story that talks all about it. …

Do you like to drink smoothies but hate how expensive they are?

Photo of woman’s hands on blender with fruit and cream inside.
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Hey you guys, I’m back with one of my stories that I don’t typically write or give advice about; food. In fact, the only food story I think I’ve written out of my OVER 200 titles is another one about the NutriBullet; the topic I’m about to discuss now.

Actually, this story is more about the delicious, mouth watering smoothies you can make with the NutriBullet, and any other blender for that matter.

I realize there’s a huge amount of great food and recipe sites and stories to visit and read online. They’re scattered all over the place, and that’s…

Why did my ex-boyfriend drag me into a murder investigation?

Photo of handcuffs and jail cell
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If you’re just tuning in to this story, let me suggest you go check out the first part, by reading: The Time I Thought the Cops Were Joking But they Actually Took Me to Jail!

When you do, you’ll learn:

  • Why I decided to disobey a subpoena
  • What role my ex-boyfriend plays in all this
  • Why I was subpoenaed in the first place

For the sake of this story, I’ll sum up everything in a nutshell:

My ex was mostly a decent guy, but an idiot when he drank. Somehow, he gets charged with a murder wrap, and drags me…

Did you know the police really lock you up for ignoring a subpoena?

Photo of hands holding jail bars
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Beware of old boyfriends who pop up at your house unannounced. You might just find yourself riding in the back of an unmarked car, on your way to jail!

I kid you not. That is exactly what happened to me. But not before I was invited down to the station to have a talk, hauled into multiple interviews, and depositions, and ultimately, subpoenaed and ordered to appear in court. That’s when I finally put my foot down and said enough is enough!

The day after two detectives hand delivered me a subpoena to come to court, I decided to disregard…

Justiss Goode

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