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Do you want useful advice and valuable tips about writing and engaging on Medium?

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Have you just become a new member on the Medium website and a brand new writer to this writing community? If so WELCOME to your new writers life!

Whether you’re a brand new writer with little to no writing experience, or you’ve been writing online prior to joining us, you will still benefit if you:


This story contains tips about: Writing on Medium | Engaging on Medium and most of all, it reveals important details about ways to EARN MORE from your Medium stories, as well as from a few other places online.

Get comfortable and prepare to spend some…

New Medium writers are invited to get writing advice on becoming a productive story writer and how to earn money from your writing.

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Lesson 5 — More details about the 6-Step Process

6 step book writing process — text and footprints
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As National Novel Writing Month swiftly approaches, it’s time for us to speed up the remaining lessons in this online guide.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the tips aimed at helping you prepare for this annual writing challenge, you can find everything you missed in these stories:

I discovered an awesome feature when using Google Chrome instead of the Firefox browser.

Google browser on phone
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If the only writing on Medium you do is via the Firefox browser, there’s something you should know about Google Chrome.

Google’s browser enables your Medium stories to be more visible, and apparently audible as well. Google’s browser has a cool audio feature that I want to give my advice and opinion about.

How I discovered this cool audio feature thanks to Google Chrome

I discovered the feature I’m about to tell you about, all because I was having trouble with my computer. For the past couple of weeks, some weird things have been occurring.

Sometimes, I couldn’t open my email, or Twitter page, and a number of other irritating issues…

Do you wish your stories were narrated but you don’t have the voice to do it yourself?

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Youtube is a website that gets millions of views every single day. That’s why it’s a smart idea to take a narrated Medium story and turn it into a video.

But how exactly is a writer on Medium supposed to do that?

If you want, you can take the advice and opinion from this prolific writer, and I’ll tell you a quick and easy way to turn the stories you write into narrated videos on Youtube.

Why use text to speech to narrate your stories?

I’m 63 years-old and for many years, I had a smooth silky voice that actually helped me land several speaking related positions in the…

Does your new publication have a special or unique feature?

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If you write on Medium and you happen to operate one of the many Medium publications, you will definitely appreciate and benefit from the writing advice this story contains.

As a publication owner, one of the most useful writing tips you can get is about promoting your publication and helping readers discover it.

The fact of the matter is, there are scores of great publications on this website, so you need to start getting creative about the ways that you promote yours.

This story will discuss one of the very effective ways that some smart Medium publication owners are using.

Monday — September 19, 2021

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Have you read about the new “Over the Weekend” feature in the DAILY JUSTISS publication?

If you want need more details about it, feel free to read:

Over the Weekend: A New Feature in the DAILY JUSTISS Publication

For those of you who already know what to expect, below is a list of what this week’s “Over the Weekend” weekly Twitter Moment contains.

I mentioned Medium writers:

@RobertRalph and the story about the New Writers Welcome publication September writing contest.

J.J. Pryor and the story about accepting a new kind of submission for the Feedium publication.

@renjunge and the story about publishing your stories…

How I promote my followers and their stories on Twitter.

Over the Weekend cover image
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Lately I’ve been discovering a lot of great writing tips, hacks, and strategies to help me in all aspects of my writing and self publishing.

Although I use the term self publishing when I refer to the majority of stories I’ve been publishing this month, I’m actually publishing them in a Medium publication. It’s a publication I created myself, but it’s still a publication.

Publishing my stories in this fashion allows me a lot of control over how I do things, so I decided to start taking advantage of all that power.

Over the weekend, I had a great idea…

Are you making the same mistake when you publish your Medium stories?

woman views computer, looking at mistake
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Saturday mornings are particularly relaxing for me, and I try to take a break from writing on Medium. No more advice and opinion stories or thinking of ways to help my followers with the stories I write. I simply take it easy and try to enjoy doing nothing but reading and commenting.

Well, at least that’s how my mornings typically start off. But it never fails, before long I find myself sitting down to write about something I came across while reading. Today was no different.

I just finished reading: Why You Should Self-Publish Your Article First Before Adding It…

Justiss Goode

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