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I’m Justiss Goode, a prolific Medium writer with over 200 stories. Chances are, you’ve seen one or more of my stories, or maybe you’re just reading one of my stories for the first time.

Whatever the case, you’ll soon discover that I love to write, I’m a passionate writer, and if nothing else, I’ve very dedicated and thorough.

In fact, you may have landed on this page because you read my recent story titled: What I Finally Figured Out After Publishing 220 Stories in LESS than Three Months.

In that story, I share some very exciting, and revealing information about writing and giving readers what they need.

I suggested those readers come read the following information as well. Hopefully, it will start your creative juices to flowing about the future stories you plan to write, based on what you just learned about not trying to write what readers want.

Keep reading, and see how this information ties in to the previous story.

What is Needium?

Needium is the new Medium category tag that I plan to use, but only on some very select stories. Now that I realize not all my stories are actually providing a need to readers, I plan to cut down on publishing stories that merely entertain or provide the slimmest of details about an issue.

Of course, there will still be times that I want to write about topics that might not be as beneficial on a practical level, but this time, I’ll be writing with full knowledge about what I’m doing.

If you want the MAJORITY of your stories to be the kind that pay more and pay better, then writing stories that fulfill a need is the way to do it. I welcome anyone to use the new “needium” category tag, to help identify truly useful stories.

My definition for “Needium” is simple:

A story that lays out, and describes in no uncertain terms, how the reader can use it to benefit in a practical way. I plan to always keep in my the main objective of needium stories, which is to fulfill the needs of readers.



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