Applauding for Stories You Enjoy: What Makes You Want to Clap More than Once?

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I was just about to get started on my morning writing session, with no less than 18 great topics to write about (well pretty good topics anyway).

With more than 160 stories published since May 2021, it’s fair to say I’m a pretty productive writer.

Just like many days when I sit down to the computer to write, I already had some ideas on what I wanted to work on.

But once again, that stubborn and opinionated other writer who lives inside my head had other plans for us.

My Writing is Sincere

Allow me to reveal some things to you. Did you know that I have obsessive compulsive tendencies, and right now, my obsession is Medium?

I want readers to really understand the context of why I’m writing, so let me tell you a few things about me.

I’m not one of those clueless writers who doesn’t try to cater to what their readers want and need. That’s why I don’t just stop at trying to offer useful writing advice.

The advice and opinion stories I write, are all geared to sincerely help readers avoid my same pitfalls, and improve in areas I myself am still working on improving as well. This is true, regardless of what I write about.

I’m more than happy to share personal experiences, describing my own doubts and fears about failure, or worse yet, my fear of change.

I love talking about the up and down roller coaster ride I’ve had over the past twenty years, trying to earn money writing online.

I honest and truly love what I do, and every day, I’m grateful and thankful for the freedom to, to be able to wake up and talk to all of you; the people who have become my other family, and my reason for being.

I know that might sound lame to some of you who have real lives. Lives that are rich and full of family and friends who do things together and actually even get along with one another. I don’t have that.



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