Before You Complain About Lacking Followers Determine How Good a Follower YOU Are

Do you know how many Comments you’ve made so far?


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I don’t know what’s going on with me today, but this is the second story I’ve written about things specifically going on, here on this writing platform.

Maybe I’m just trying to discover the meaning of life, aka — Medium. I mean really; aren’t there some things around here that at least puzzle you, if not completely annoy you as a writer?

Think about it, and as the old folks used to say:

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Okay, let me briefly mention what was on my mind earlier, then I’ll fast forward to the purpose of this particular story.

Advice and Opinions from Followers

Although I’m usually the one giving advice and opinions in the stories that I write, today I wrote a story asking for readers to leave me their advice.

My statements were about how most readers’ have a habit of giving one single clap after reading a story, even though we can actually give as many as 50 (but personally I think of it as one long clap).

Out of my frustration, as well as curiosity about this issue, I asked readers to write a response and let me know how they felt.

Just for the record, the story is not preachy, nor does it point blame or try to shame anyone into giving up more applauds. So if you decide to read it, you don’t have to worry about being judged.

In fact, the same thing is true of the story you’re reading now. So let me cut right to the chase and get to the point of why I’m writing it.

Followers Who Leave Comments

It’s no secret that the best type of followers and fans to have are the ones who respond with a comment.



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