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Prolific writer and self-published author. Thanks to my huge catalog of nearly 900 stories, you can enjoy something good to read every single day, in my DAILY JUSTISS publication.

A little more about me…

I’ve been writing on Medium since May 2021, and writing online for at least two decades.

I’m a mother of one adult son and I’m old enough to have lived and experienced everything I write and give advice and opinions about.


To earn and help others earn, from the stories that we work so hard to create and provide to readers. I love writing like life itself, but I don’t mind admitting that I’m definitely here to earn money.

If that’s your objective too, GREAT! I’m always happy to lend a fellow writer a helping hand.

I try to help writers — especially new writers — to become more productive, as they figure out how to navigate this website.

I monetize my writing in multiple ways, including:

I invite readers to take advantage of my beneficial affiliate and referral links.


I’ve been marketing, and promoting my stories, ebooks, novels, blogs, websites, and other people’s products online for years.

I currently have no less than 10 ebooks, 2 self published novels, and 3 novellas, under various pen names:

Charm Baker | Justiss Goode | Beka R. March


  • As of June 5, 2022, I’ve published 744 Medium stories
  • My writing is followed by 2,694 Followers so far (Thanks guys)



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