How to Get Motivated and Inspired by Fellow Writers in the Community

Are you accepting the valuable help that comes in so many ways?

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If you’ve been a Medium Member for even a short time, you probably already realize the following fact: This is a writing community that loves to write for writers. We share, inspire, and motivate one another every day.

There are scores of good writers, in every single category and genre, and you can benefit from them in a number of different ways.

Beneficial Stories

With so many diverse styles of writing on this site, we can benefit from all kinds of topics and categories. However, being creatures of habits, all too often, we find ourselves ordering the same thing off the menu.

But when you allow yourself to experiment with your reading palate, you just might be surprised at the end result. This is so important, because as writers, what we read, usually has a bearing on what we write.

Thanks to other helpful writers, lately, my activities are becoming less predictable. To my surprise, I find myself getting more experimental in the things that I’m writing. Yep, this writer’s life and productivity just got a lot more interesting.

For instance, most of my online writing career I’ve been a non-fiction writer. A few years ago, I also started writing fiction, and even self-published 2 novels (under a different pen name).

But more recently, I started learning to write short stories, which is what I initially joined Medium to do. That is my primary focus, to write short fiction and become known as a great story teller. And yet, the helpful writing tips provided by other experienced writers, have inspired me to write and share some writing tips as well.

I created the “Short Story TIPSTER” Publication here on Medium, as a place to share some of my writing related knowledge, but to also showcase short stories that I submit on an ongoing basis.

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