How Can 500 External Story Views Help My Other Stories Earn Money?

My story about smoothies is getting tons of views but no one is paying to read it!


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Have you ever had one of the stories you wrote, just suddenly take off, and you’re not really sure what exactly changed? I did.

It was a recent story I wrote containing 10 smoothie recipes, and it only did slightly okay when I first published it. Then, several days later, there was a rise in views. It literally happened in a matter of hours, and for no apparent reason.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, or am I more special than I realize?

The worst part was discovering that the traffic is primarily from external views; which means I’m probably not even going to make a decent buck off the views. Boy does that suck!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an obsessive numbers person, so I love looking at my stats and seeing a high number of anything, even if it doesn’t necessarily amount to more cash for me; or then again, maybe it does.

Let’s chop it up and see.

View of External Stats

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Screen shot — Photo Provided by Author

As you can see from the screen shot of my external views, in spite of curation, and nearly 600 views to the story, the earnings don’t yet amount to one dollar.

I’d be lying if I said I understand how that works. But like everything else around here, I’ve learned to roll with the punches on this issue.

I was really just curious as to how this situation could possibly benefit me. After giving it some thought, I decided there are still some advantages of having external views that don’t pay.

The benefits are:

  • Of those 580 views, some percentage of viewers actually read enough of my writing to decide whether or not they want to read something else — either right then, or maybe they’ll return later.
  • Of the individuals who decided to read some additional stories of mine, some may have been prevented from reading something…



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