How I Spent a Super Productive Week Writing and Organizing Stories!

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A lot has happened since I decided to stake my claim to writing advice and opinion stories, and giving useful writing advice to other new writers.

Just this past week, I had a story published in Illumination, discussing how I have already published 173 stories since starting on Medium this past May.

As of today, that number has rose to 186 and I don’t mind admitting that I’m proud of my accomplishments.

I’m about to share the five productive activities I performed this week, with regard to my Medium stories.

As you notice the things I mention, try and think of ways you can apply some of the same or similar strategies, to help you write more, be more organized, and eventually earn more money.

I can honestly say, just in the past week, I’ve seen my earnings grow, plus my number of reads, and the percentage of my read ratio, have increased dramatically.

1)This week, I wrote some really helpful writing related stories that offer advice, but also asks for advice from readers. Like this story I wrote about why so many readers respond to a story by leaving just “one” clap. In that story, I talked about our ability and willingness to give more applauds.

  • This story can potentially benefit me in the future, as people read it, and hopefully begin to be more generous with applauds. But it can also help other writers as well, because once the “50 clap” limit catches on more, eventually, we’ll all start to see a boost in our claps.
  • The same is true of the story I wrote about the need to respond to more stories, and how to tell if you’re interacting enough. This is something that can help the community in general. Are you already a writer who is a good follower who comments regularly? Maybe others can learn to imitate your good habits and do the same.

2) The other type of stories I wrote about this week were also advice and opinion stories (I told you I’m trying to dominate the topic). However, these focused more on “self” and dealing with some of those “me” issues we tend to have, or…



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