How to Pursue Your Online Goals Without Losing Yourself in Your Work

Do you push yourself too hard because you have a fear of failure?


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Do you want to know how to accomplish your online goals and eliminate fear of failure? No matter what internet goals you are pursuing, when you work online, it is easy to start losing yourself in your work.

When this happens, you begin to neglect everything and everyone around you, often resulting in some fragile if not broken relationships.

Do you want to successfully accomplish your online goals, without risking your health, your happiness, and your family and personal relationships?

Well keep reading, and notice some of the advice and useful tips that I provide below. I personally learned to rely on this common sense approach to life, and I believe the information can help anyone who uses it.

Fear of Failure in Life

While I was working on my self-published fantasy novella, just before COVID-19 came on the scene, I felt myself under a whole lot of pressure.

I was working on a tight deadline, since I began writing the novella as my entry for the 2019 annual National Novel Writing Month (Nano) challenge.

This wasn’t my first Nano rodeo, so the pressure from working under a 30 day deadline was only half my concern.

A big part of my pressure was internally, and directly related to my fear of failure, specifically with this particular project. This project had already been birthed in 2014, as the very first novel I ever published. But there was problem after problem with me and also with the book.

The thought of failing, in my efforts to bring my mermaid story back to life, was always in the back of my mind.

My fear of failure kept looming over me the whole time I worked on the new story, which was edited, modified and revised, based on the original book release.

As I wrote in a recent Bio I submitted to the Illumination publication:

The once 400+ page printed version of “Experimenting with Murder” was ultimately condensed, modified and renamed: “Tell Us the Mermaid Story” (now a 30,000



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