I Earned a Cool 50 Dollar Bonus for High Member Engagement!

Did you know that getting a bonus for member engagement was a thing?


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I know, I know, it’s another one of those: “Ooh look what I got!” stories, but I promise not to be annoyed that you clicked on it, if you promise not to be annoyed because I wrote it.

I get it; It can definitely be a bit annoying when we read stories about writers bragging about their bonuses. That’s exactly how I felt — until I got one. Now, I get why they post those stories.

In all honesty, I don’t think the majority are attempting to brag, I mean after all, come on, it’s 50 bucks (in my case anyway). Certainly not enough for anyone to risk going to hell, for the sin of coveting my little cash.

Okay, kidding aside. I think PRIDE is the motivating factor, why most writers post their bonuses, and other accomplishments (like publishing 235 stories to date — YAY ME!).

But luckily for you guys, there’s another less self-serving reason I decided to share the news about mine.

Not a Top Writer Bonus

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As you can see from the text highlighted in green, I received my bonus for “high member engagement” and that’s why I’m sharing this story.

Who even knew that getting a bonus for high member engagement was a thing? I sure didn’t!

I wanted to alert those writers out there like me, who are always the last to know about stuff like this. It was the same way, when I discovered it was really okay to clap 50 times on one story. I asked myself when in the heck did I miss the memo?

Apparently, there are lots of things that veteran writers on Medium know, and take for granted that us newbies also know these things.

Maybe the rule about clapping is written somewhere, deep in the Medium bylaws, and I missed it, just like this news about a different kind of bonus.

Whatever the case, I decided to share the news, and tell the rest of the writers who didn’t know. So be advised, if…



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