If Anger is a Natural Emotion Then Why Bother to Keep it In Check?

Sometimes we lose control in the process of blowing off steam.


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Giving helpful advice about anger is something I’m totally in favor of, especially since I no longer have the quick temper I used to have years ago.

Nothing really happened to me, to help me change me from being a hothead, to a pretty even-tempered person. I guess the change just came over the years, as I got older and started to mellow out.

But even though no major eruptions in my life happened as a result of my temper; my anger issues definitely caused me enough arguments and rocky relationships during the course of my life.

If you’re a person that tends to get mad at the drop of a hat, this story contains information you should really find of interest.

Is Anger Good for You?

We’ve all heard the expression that “a little anger never hurt anyone”. In fact, most of us would probably agree that there is nothing wrong with getting mad once in a while.

Not only that but popular opinion says that it is only natural to get angry once in a while. If you don’t get angry sometimes, you bottle it all up, and end up doing more harm to your health than good.

But additional studies indicate although there is a big problem with people bottling things up, anger is not really the answer.

One Berkley University study had this to say on the subject:

“It turns out, however, that this type of emotional venting likely doesn’t soothe anger as much as augment it. That’s because encouraging people to act out their anger makes them relive it in their bodies, strengthening the neural pathways for anger and making it easier to get angry the next time around.”

In essence, if you wait until you’re angry to have a “release”, the results can be just as bad as or worse, than the results form keeping feelings bottled up.



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