Important Points to Know When You Consider Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Are you worried about an on the job injury and what you need to do about it?


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It’s 2021 and the economy is still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the news talks about an employment crunch and a shortage of workers; ironically, some people are still having trouble finding employment.

With things being as they are, the last thing you may want to have to do is think about filing a worker’s compensation claim.

But whether you want to file a claim or not, if you have suffered an on the job injury or work-related illness, you really don’t have much choice in the matter.

DISCLAIMER: I am not attempting to give either legal or medical advice to the reader. These are my personal views based on firsthand knowledge of the legal process, as a former worker’s compensation claimant.

Continue reading, and you’ll notice some valid points about why you need to file a claim if you are in this predicament, and why you shouldn’t delay.

Don’t Overestimate Lawyers

There are some really important things to understand if you’re injured on the job and you’re thinking about filing a workers compensation claim. One thing is not to overestimate what a lawyer will do for you.

Notice, I didn’t say what a lawyer “can” do for you, I said “will” — which means just because they have the know how, doesn’t mean they will use it.

Some years ago, I worked for the County of Los Angeles, and developed a work related injury. I ended up filing a claim, and hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer, which turned out to be a big mistake.

I’m not writing to bash lawyers and suggest all of them are as incompetent, or indifferent as mine was. I’m writing to share what I came to understand, after getting rid of my attorney, and taking over the latter part of my case myself.



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