Major Cyber Security Problems Again Due to Akamai Cloud Service Blunder

Top Airlines, Australian Banks and even the Hong Kong Stock Exchange were all affected.


Photo Credit: Justiss Goode

Well it looks like there’s more trouble in the clouds today people. When you read this story about the latest major cyber security problem that occurred, as a result of the Akamai Cloud Service Provider, it may start to feel a bit like deja vu.

That’s because it was only a week ago we were talking about another major cyber problem that caused the whole internet (practically) to go down. I wrote about it in this story, but that time, the culprit was a company called Fastly.

It was such a worrisome situation to me, just as a regular citizen, that I even wrote a followup on the story, mentioning my personal fears. After writing this second story, I really begin to notice more and more glitches happening in all my cyber interactions.

I’m not kidding. Within the past week, I’ve had all kind of funky, weird problems with my Netflix, my Flixtor, my interactions on Medium, my Ace Banking account; I mean you name it, weird stuff has been happening.

Today’s Big Outage

This story is being written on June 17, 2021 (10:30 am PST). As of earlier today, the following major airlines are among those that suffered outages, because of some technical difficulty with their cloud service provider (Akamai):

  • American
  • Delta
  • United
  • Southwest

Even though all four of the airlines sites seemed to be working shortly after the outage occurred, there’s no doubt that the disruption was a serious one.



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