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Make Money Online by Creating Simple Graphics

Do you want to know how to make cool images and where to sell them online?

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Making money online with your writing is probably one of the most lucrative ways you can add to your work-at-home income.

But just because the possibility exists, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically start raking in the dough.

The truth is, lots of writers (like most of us who primarily write for Medium) actually struggle to make a decent buck from our writing, in spite of talent, experience, productivity and patience.

Does this sound like anyone you know?

While the first inclination may be to simply give up and throw in the towel, those of us who refuse to suffer defeat, always have a trick or two up our sleeves.

That’s because, if you ever want to increase your online income and get paid more than a few bucks here and there, you have to find other ways to monetize your writing.

Sometimes all it takes is incorporating some other talent or skill, in addition to or as a complement to your writing.

For instance:

By creating cool and easy to design graphics that you can make available to purchasers online.

By combining your writing skills with your image making activities, to create promotional ads you can sell to bloggers, web owners, and more.

In order to do this, let’s talk about two popular websites that you’re probably a little familiar with. But even though you recognize the names, you may not be aware of how the sites can truly benefit you the most.

So first, let’s talk about…

Where can you create easy graphics that you can sell to people online?

The first name I want to drop is Canva, a website that many writers on Medium typically turn to for the images that accompany their stories.



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