How to Promote Your Story Links in the Most Effective Way

Are you wasting your chance to get more of Google’s search engine traffic?

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I’m a longtime freelance writer, so I’ve been doing online writing for more than a few decades. Many years ago, in an effort to promote my writing and maximize my earning potential, I had to learn how to do effective article marketing. This included learning about anchor text and how to use it in the right way.

Before I tell you how I learned to benefit from this valuable and highly effective SEO activity (and how you can too), first let me briefly explain just what the phrase “anchor text” means.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is basically exactly what it says, using words or text, as an anchor to your writing. Any linked text you may have floating out there in the cloud, should be out there serving two purposes. To adequately identify what’s being anchored, and to connect the reader to where the material is located.

The most important word to remember in the above sentence is “adequately.” It does you and your story a disservice when you don’t take the time to anchor the right words. Keep reading and I’ll show you what I mean.

Right and Wrong Anchoring

What can I do if I want my Stalked, Kidnapped and Castaway story to be in the same league as the best Medium short story writers on this site? One way is to stop attaching useless words whenever I anchor my text.

For instance, in the above paragraph, I have three options for linking readers to the story I mention. One way is to put the link in the title of the story; which is something writers typically do, including myself.

This may be an acceptable practice, but it’s not the most effective one. It just isn’t the best way to benefit from an anchored link, at least not as far as search engine results are concerned.

Sure, it might possibly help get your title a little more visibility in Google’s search engine, but only if someone is specifically searching for the title.

Now, suppose you use text other than the title, to anchor a link to your story. This is also a practice…

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