My Weekly Story Migration to Give Some Former Stories a New Home

Are you a writer who hates to abandon your former stories and personal essays ?

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I’m a writer who cares about my stories, whether I’m writing about writing, about life lessons, or about the climate of social injustice we currently live in.

Within the past 10 days, I’ve covered all of these topics, for one publication or another, especially the topic of social change and stories about blacks in America.

My newly launched publication “Black Like Me” has kept me extremely busy, both with writing and organizing things, to prepare for writer submissions.

But being the prolific writer that I am, my new publication didn’t prevent me from writing on a few more of my favorite topics, and getting them published.

Below, are some of the stories that I published myself, and didn’t bother to send to other publications. Now that enough time has passed, and the stories are cooling off, it’s time for me to give them a proper home.

So today is migration day, a day that will probably become a thing for all my Justiss Goode stories that I never submitted to a publication. My “Just Like New” publication was created for this very purpose.

As you look over my most recent portfolio of published stories, think about some of your own stories that might feel at home at Just Like New.

Highlights from Stories

One story that I was surprised didn’t get more attention and interaction was my story about the 3 different types of Medium writer.

In it, I talked about us encouraging readers to get a Medium membership, and as an enticement, they can get belong to a support group that will help new members who may want encouragement and useful advice on the site. Notice the 3 writer types.

3 Writer Types:

A) You just want to to write and express yourself and don’t care about making money.

B) You like writing, but you’re here for the moolah, plain and simple, and you’ll write whatever it takes to do it, including questionable clickbait.



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