You Can Successfully Navigate the Road to Self-Improvement!

Is working on self improvement part of your Medium plans in 2024?


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In a fairly recent story, I shared some things that I was going through at the time, with regard to my self-reflections and evaluation of my writing on Medium.

I tried to use insight, in recognizing the connection between my impatience and my drive to always take action.

I continue to applaud myself for somehow, always managing to turn what might be considered as a negative trait into a motivating force.

What about you?

Do you ever find it necessary to pause and reassess your strategies and approach to the things in your life?

Not just with Medium, but with life in general…

I have found, that sometimes, stepping back will allow us to get a clearer perspective, which can lead to making better decisions.

A big part of being able to do this, involves acknowledging whatever our individual triggers are — the ones that interfere with us making needed progress.

Once we learn to navigate them successfully, we can discover how to prevent them from halting our future progress.

This is a useful skill, but it takes time and patience to master it.

That is why the road to self-improvement is actually an ongoing journey.

It never ends…

Importance of self improvement for your mental health

During the latter part of 2023, I found it increasingly hard to stay dedicated to improving my craft, and at the same time, safeguarding my mental health.

In my constant quest to work on self improvement, I often found myself neglecting my health in various ways, including with regard to mental health.

The issue of safeguarding your mental health was actually a theme of at least one of my stories during the past year.

Clearly, this is an important topic, especially for some Medium members who face various challenges that come with being a prolific writer.



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