Now is the Time to Stop Being Afraid and Risk Rejection!

Have you been allowing the fear of being rejected prevent you from trying new things?


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If the title of this story spoke to you for one reason or another, then mark today as the day you stop being afraid to risk rejection in your life.

No matter what this statement may happen to apply to at the time, I can pretty much guarantee that it struck a nerve when you read it, and if it doesn’t and didn’t apply to you before, it will at some time during your lifetime.

So keep that in mind, as you consider my reason for bringing this point up in the first place. The thing that first got me thinking about the fear of rejection lately was the Medium Writers Challenge (MWC), which offers the potential to win several thousand dollars.

Let’s talk about that for a moment, and I’ll share my thoughts about the topic, fear of rejection, and how it may apply in the case of the contest.

Afterwards, I’ll provide what I believe are some useful tips that can help counteract certain negative emotions, such as being overly concerned about failing, or being rejected.

Some Writers Fear Rejection

Some writers have complained about the Medium Writing Challenge, and they’ve been very vocal about the various reasons why they refused to even enter the competition.

Honestly, none of it made much sense to me, so I dismissed the specifics of what their comments were saying. But I also simply skimmed over the contest details about the monetary outcome for the winners.

I read how a few winners will receive the big bucks, and a few will will smaller amounts. I couldn’t even tell you what the top prize is or how many other winners there will be. I dismissed those details from my mind, because I didn’t need them to decide to enter.

All I needed to know was that there was a monetary incentive to enter, people would be reading my stories, and I could enter at least 4 times. So that was my viewpoint from the very beginning.

That’s the way I felt when I submitted my entries for the “space” story theme and the “death” theme:



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