Learn to Write Short Stories by Discovering All the Right Tools

Why should you do things by trial and error, when you can learn the proper way instead?

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I must admit, I’m completely thrilled with the online Short Story Writing course that I recently paid to take. It is turning out to be one very effective toolkit and it’s full of all the right tools.

I already wrote one post and shared 3 Reasons Why I Decided to Take a Short Story Writing Course. Now, however, I feel the need to write this post and really drive home the point, for all those know-it-all writers like I used to be.

Please don’t waste your time doing things trial and error when you can learn the facts instead. This is one suggestion I implore you to pay attention to. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did.

Having the Right Tools

For too many years, I refused to learn how to improve my fiction writing, just because I’ve always had a creative streak and never seem to run out of ideas.

This was coupled with the fact that my college major was journalism and I aced it without a problem. But being in possession of all the necessary tools doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using them correctly.

Over time, I eventually realized this very crucial point. The writing skills I developed by studying journalism were just the beginning of the things I needed to learn.

Using the Right Tools

Common sense always dictates that if you want to start a new project, that you first need to have all the right tools, but you also need to have proper direction or instructions on precisely how to use those tools.

Unfortunately, some of us have to learn this lesson the hard way. For instance, after spending years of writing non-fiction articles online, I decided I wanted to write fiction, specifically novels.

But instead of doing my due diligence, and learning all I could learn about fiction writing, I struck out on my own.

I still needed to learn how to write fiction, but it took me longer than necessary, because of my lack of proper training and instruction.

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