Learn to Write Short Stories by Discovering All the Right Tools

Justiss Goode | F😄M
4 min readMay 14, 2021

Why should you do things by trial and error, when you can learn the proper way instead?

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I must admit, I’m completely thrilled with the online Short Story Writing course that I recently paid to take. It is turning out to be one very effective toolkit and it’s full of all the right tools.

I already wrote one post and shared 3 Reasons Why I Decided to Take a Short Story Writing Course. Now, however, I feel the need to write this post and really drive home the point, for all those know-it-all writers like I used to be.

Please don’t waste your time doing things trial and error when you can learn the facts instead. This is one suggestion I implore you to pay attention to. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did.

Having the Right Tools

For too many years, I refused to learn how to improve my fiction writing, just because I’ve always had a creative streak and never seem to run out of ideas.

This was coupled with the fact that my college major was journalism and I aced it without a problem. But being in possession of all the necessary tools doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using them correctly.



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