Should You Always Speak the Truth When You Write?

Honest advice from personal experiences can often lead to self improvement


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Do you enjoy getting valuable advice about writing on Medium? What about helpful life lessons on how to deal with difficult people and circumstances, without losing your sanity?

If you’re a reader and a writer on Medium, you get the best of both worlds. But have you ever stopped to think about how honest the writers are being when they write and share personal stories?

What about you? Are you honest in your writing, so you can sincerely help your readers, or do you write purely with a selfish objective in mind?

What do you like to share when you write?

Many Medium members are both readers and writers. And why not? You get to enjoy reading helpful material, but you also get to take advantage of the opportunity to write material that will benefit your own readers.

I’m exactly the same way. I spend a lot of time writing on Medium and sharing advice about self improvement, self publishing, and another big favorite of mine, self promotion.

In fact, probably 75% of my 345 stories (counting this one) is comprised of information dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned categories.

I started writing on Medium in May, 2021. At that time, most of the stories I shared were of a personal nature. I even created a publication specifically for my hard knocks life stories.

I believe in speaking the truth when I write, unless of course I’m writing something that is obviously meant to be pure fiction.

Besides being a prolific story writer on Medium, I’m also a self published novelist, so I absolutely have nothing against writing fiction.

But here on Medium, I primarily write and share personal experiences, in hopes that I can sincerely help at least one person who might be relating to my story.

My life as a writer involves many facets, which means that everything that happens to me, or has happened to me, has an impact on my writing.



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