Stalked, Kidnapped, and Castaway!

An Experimental Sequel to the Movie

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I’m not exactly sure when I first got the idea to do what I’m convicted of doing. I’d hate to think it was that rainy night I took a cab to Helen’s house. On that night, I left her standing in her driveway as I pulled off down the street. Could that have been when the plan first entered my mind? If that were true, what kind of man would that make me? Plotting to stalk, and kidnap the love of my poor pitiful life. Taking her away from her family and home, and everything she’s known for the past four years.

No! The idea had to have come much later; long after that night. Sure, it was painful, but I distinctly remember being okay on that night. She let me drive away in the old 1997 Jeep Cherokee the two of us used to share. Us. It’s funny when I say it like that. It seems like a lifetime since there actually use to be an us.

I’m not even sure any more about what’s real and what’s not. Maybe that night never happened. Maybe I’m still on the island having one of those god awful dreams, only this one is lasting a whole lot longer than usual.

Yeah! That must be it. I’m dreaming and that rainy night never happened. That would mean that everything that followed after that night wasn’t real. I never did all those horrible things. Not to Helen, and not to anyone.

Hank Thomas sat and tried to ignore the nagging thoughts flooding his mind, but they were all pouring in too quickly. He tried calming his nerves by telling himself it was all a dream. It was no use. He really had done the things he was sitting in prison for. After been found guilty of all his crimes, there was no escaping the reality of the consequences.

It’s understandable why the bizarre events were so hard for him to believe. Under the circumstances, either way you look at it, the story sounds unbelievable. If he accepted the truth, he was sitting in jail for stalking, kidnapping, murder and attempted murder. Events that all occurred following his rescue from a deserted island after he’d been declared dead.

On the other hand, pretending the whole thing was some kind of bad dream would mean, he’s actually still on the island. An island that he’s called home for the past four years. And to the rest of the…



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