Was He Really a Good Father or Simply Just a Coward?

I think I was really ghosted even though my lover left me a message.


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This short story is really just a moment of reflection about something that happened to me in the past. I won’t go into extreme detail what is was, because I already did that in the story about a “kindred spirit” and you can read about it later (the link is below — but keep reading).

Basically, the story tends to overly romanticize a romantic relationship I had several years ago, with a man that still gives me the vapors (You youngsters have to Google that one — LOL).

Anyway, it suffices to say that I was crazy about the guy, and even though the relationship ended abruptly, I still have a special place for him in my heart.

Here’s What’s Up

The only thing I knew when he left out of my life so quickly, literally in the blink of an eye (well not literally, but you guys know what I mean — it was fast as hell), he left a BRIEF note that said: “I miss my kids. I’m sorry.” And I sh*t you not; that was it. He was gone!

Okay, for a little context (without spoiling the kindred spirit story, in case you plan to read it), he had two kids, that lived in Las Vegas with his ex, while we both lived in Los Angeles.

Now mind you, the kids had nothing to do with the story I told you, and only came up at the end, because that’s how much they were a topic of conversation or concern during the relationship; which brings me to my recent thoughts, or reflections, since publishing the kindred spirit story last month.

Reflections about Reflections

Okay, so fast forward to the past weekend, when I spent some time reflecting about family, relationships, particularly in connection to holidays and special occasions. These thoughts were inspired by the fact that Juneteenth just became a national holiday, and Father’s Day was a day later.

People were celebrating and cutting lose everywhere, and I was sitting on the grass a block…



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