What Do You Know About the Benefits and Different Types of Therapeutic Massage?

Discover the wide variety of health issues that massage therapy is really good for.

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I can say proudly that I’m an older adult in my twilight years. During my lifetime, there were about a handful of things that I can ever remember feeling as good as a therapeutic massage.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I can honesty say there’s nothing like a good massage. In reality, I’ve had quite a few good massages given by some skilled hands, but not all of them were truly therapeutic massages.

The point of this information is to help you appreciate there are a variety of massage styles and techniques that are therapeutic in nature, and some of them may be just what your body is in need of.

So take a few minutes to read over this material and think about which of these you or someone you know could be seriously benefiting from.

Why Get a Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massages help your body establish balance; balance that directly affects both your mental and physical well being.

The things you do in your day-to-day routine can determine the type of massage technique that can benefit you the most. That’s because people have all different kinds of lifestyles and basically different things that stress them out.

I wrote this list of massage types and styles, because I thought it was interesting how many health issues can be cleared up over time, if you commit to regular therapeutic massages.

Of course, a lot depends on where you live, and whether or not other factors are an issue, like money for one.

Unless you have a romantic partner who will deliver a wonderful massage without it being a prelude to sex, you could end up paying a nice piece of change to get a massage on a regular basis.

But like anything else we need or really want in life, once we understand and appreciate the value of a good…



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