How Can You Benefit from Creating a Writer Showcase Publication?

You can create a simple publication to organize your stories before it’s too late!


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When new writers come to Medium to earn money from their writing, it doesn’t take long to see the benefits in creating a publication.

It’s no secret that lots of writers have ambitions to start a new publication and run their own little slice of the world.

But the idea of having other writers submitting stories to you may or may not be appealing. This story is for those who like the idea and those who don’t.


The following information talks about publications, and two important issues related to them:

  1. What people don’t realizes is that creating a publication and becoming an editor is not for everyone. They have no idea what to expect, or if they’re up to the task.
  2. On the other hand, some writers don’t really want to be an editor, in the true sense of the word, even though they’d like the extra visibility that a publication might provide.

This story will address both issues. The first section below is especially for those who are thinking about taking on the responsibility of editor.

It will help you appreciate some things that I personally discovered when starting several publications.

The other section will address creating the writer showcase publication as an alternative to being an editor and accepting story submissions.

8 Basic Publication Editor Responsibilities

With such a vast amount of publications on Medium, it’s hard to gain any kind of visibility for your own publication and stories, let alone for someone else’s. But that’s one of the things you have to worry about when you’re a publication editor.

At one point, although I had existing publications, I decided that I no longer wanted to be an editor. I didn’t discover until after creating my publications, that I didn’t like or want the job of handling submissions. This responsibility can cause you to divide your attention between writing and managing.



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