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Introducing Justiss Goode (Medium Friends Reading Club Coordinator | Publication & Newsletter Editor

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If you’re fresh on the scene to the Medium website, you won’t want to overlook meeting and connecting with the writer now known as: Justiss Goode | MFR Club Coordinator

That’s what I’m calling myself in the coming days and months, because in 2024, I’m new and improved!

But if you don’t already know me,or how I benefit the community, you won’t understand why it’s well worth your time and effort to follow me.

So first, you need to know the answer to who this writer is, and I’m referring to my authentic self that you see on the Medium platform.…

Shall I proceed? Yes indeed!

When it comes to the conversation on productivity and being a prolific Medium writer, I am happy and proud to be included as part of the discussion.

Allow me to officially introduce myself…

One writer’s history, prior to Medium:

Before arriving on the Medium freelance writing platform, Charmaine Baker was making a small splash online, writing as:

Working for years as a mostly non-fiction article writer; Charm Baker honed and enhanced her writing skills for over two decades, on many of the best content writing platforms online.

Justiss Goode arrives on Medium

Since that first day in May 2021, Justiss Goode was born, and arrived on the Medium platform already knowledgeable about the online writing process.

Since that time, her experience has grown to include Publishing, Promoting, and Creating useful:

  • Stories
  • Publications
  • Publication features
  • Challenges
  • Promotional opportunities

“All to the BENEFIT of myself and other Medium writers on the platform.”

🔆 Current Focus & Opportunities for other Writers in 2024 include:

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This newly formed reading club was created as a way to try and help boost writers’ earnings, and is worth checking out when you get a chance. As of March 1, 2024, we consist of 5 dedicated members (including myself). Friends Reading Club Member BIOS

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If you’re a new member on the platform, you may be curious about the FOM program, and guess where you can go with questions?

Yours truly, of course. I ACCEPT all your related comments and questions on this subject. Learn More 👇🏻

JUSTISS GOODE Publications

👉 My Active Medium Publications are:

1️ Daily Justiss [*SHOWCASE ONLY]

2️ Story Curators [*ACCEPTS STORIES]

3️ Just Like New [Submissions PAUSED]

4️ Black Like Me [Submissions PAUSED]

5️ Let’s Get Paid [Submissions PAUSED]

Benefits of following prolific Medium writers

In case you’re wondering why should you follow and support me; allow me to mention a few benefits of following prolific writers on Medium’s online writing platform.

As a prolific writer, Justiss Goode also:

📌 Is a self proclaimed Medium guru, and hundreds of Medium-related stories can attest to that.

📌 Has a good reputation and is in the best of standing, with thousands of followers who read and enjoy entertaining, informative, and extremely valuable stories from this writer.

📌 Is most known, and popular for creating multiple networking and promotional opportunities for fellow writers and the stories they publish on Medium.

📌 Skilled in self promotion, as well as working hard to promote other writers on one of the best writing platforms online.

📌 Continually demonstrates and shares effective ways to connect and engage with the Medium community on a regular basis.

If you want to have a fun and experienced cheerleader and mentor for your writing on Medium, and someone to provide you with useful writing advice, productivity tips, and showing you how to increase your earnings; FOLLOW ME.

Self published Author: Justiss Goode

In the area of self publishing, I’m an author with more than one title available in the Amazon marketplace.

These are three informative, enjoyable, and easy reads that you can purchase on Amazon.

Stay connected with a prolific writer

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Just be sure to visit everyday and simply start browsing titles, and begin reading.

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Thank you ALL for your continued support! 📖 💬 ☕️


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Justiss Goode | F😄M

Prolific Writer | Publication Editor | Friend of the Community: Always down to support fellow writer and their stories, in fun, creative, and promotional ways!