Why are Life Lessons, Short Fiction and Miscellaneous Personal Essays the Focus in 2021?

My personal experiences about self acceptance and other miscellaneous life lessons are what I desire to write about.


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Life lessons about self-acceptance and other miscellaneous personal experiences are really popular these days.

Everyone is looking to read personal essays that they can learn from and help them in their own personal development. That is why I decided to take the rest of the year and focus on this type of writing in 2021.

My Own Self Acceptance

The decision to stop writing about writing on Medium and sharing writing tips like I’ve mostly been doing wasn’t an easy one.

As I mentioned in a recent story (recent like early this morning), I’ve finally had a new sense of self-awareness, and I realize I haven’t been completely honest with myself about my writing and my choice in writing topics.

But now that I’ve turned off the negative voices in my head and just write what I really desire to write, my sole focus will be on writing about the various life lessons I’ve learned in the 63 years I’ve been on this earth.

Besides writing about family relationships, romantic relationships, and miscellaneous life related topics, I’ll also be working on writing short fiction.

Since that was my ultimate objective when joining the site, I’m trying to readjust my focus and continue moving forward on my original writing path, until I succeed in what I want to accomplish.

Benefit of Personal Essays



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