Why I Love Writing for Passive Asset Publication and You Will Too

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the wonderful stories that change lives and help to change the world?


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Since I’ve been writing on Medium, I’ve begun to have some relative success in offering valuable writing advice that I’ve learned over the years.

Not everything in my previous writing background prepared me for writing on Medium, but a great deal of what I’ve learned in the past has still been useful, once you know how to tailor it to the Medium website.

One way to understand how to do that, is to pay attention to what other writers are doing, especially those who write for various publications. This provides a great opportunity to notice what kind of stories do well, plus what kind of stories you want to write.

Passive Asset publication is one I enjoy writing for and is on my list of favorites, in a story about 20 unique publications for new writers to check out.

A story I read by Em Hoccane prompted me to write this story. I was so impressed with this story because it just reminded me of what we writers are really capable on this site.

In many instances, whether we realize it or not, we’re writing stories that help provide life changing information, via advice, opinions, ponderings, and even research. But not only that, some of these same stories have the potential to help change the course of our future as well.

I felt all that, when I read the story Em wrote about teaching children to LOVE reading. It’s a wonderful read and I encourage everyone to check it out.

In addition to the stories I enjoy reading on Passive Asset, I of course love writing for the publication as well.

Here’s one of the stories I published in the relationship category. For me, this is a fun story that helps me take a break from trying to provide valuable and worthwhile writing tips.



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