Wise Old Grandma Sayings that I Remember from Childhood

Do you recall your grandmother saying these funny expressions?


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For the better part of my early childhood, my grandmother often stepped in as our primary caregiver while my mother ripped and ran the streets (my grandmother’s words).

This was the way things were, up until my grandmother had her leg amputated, and shortly afterward, we went into foster care.

Now that I’m an adult, I often see the wisdom of many of the expressions my grandmother used to make, and how she always said things that were some kind of crazy “figure of speech”.

In fact, I never really thought about it before, but maybe that’s where my love of words first began to take root.

Even though my mother discovered she was adopted later in life, so my grandmother wasn’t my grandmother by blood, I still believe the expressions I learned from her, are what helped to cultivate a love for the spoken word.

Sometimes my grandmother’s words were right on point, and you knew immediately what she meant, even if you didn’t believe it or agree.

For example:

“Shut the door before you let all the heat out.”

Or maybe:

“Put on a coat, before you catch your death of pneumonia.”

Both those expressions; if I heard them once, I heard them a thousand times. And even though I doubted that I could really manage to let all the heat out of the house, or that I’d suddenly be stricken with pneumonia, at least I understood what she meant.

But then, there were those other sayings that I sometimes took a minute to comprehend, until I eventually heard it enough times for it to sink in.

For instance, certain expressions were her go to ones. These were the expressions that she knew how to aptly apply to just about any situation that involved us “acting up” — or “acting out” (again, her words, not mine).

One of these was the all too familiar:

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the ever-popular:



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