A Big Fat Thank You LIST to 25 Readers and Fellow Writers

Have any of the Members listed here ever helped you and your stories succeed?


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It’s no secret that when we succeed on Medium, just like anywhere else in life, there is a long list of people who helped motivate us and add to our success. But all too often, we fail to show appreciation to those individuals.

Every writer in this community wants other people— preferably Medium members — to read our stories, and hopefully, clap (at least once) and leave us a response.

The screwed up thing about that is: Not all of us have the time or the inclination to do the same thing.

WAIT! Before you try and click away and duck out of here, don’t worry. This is not going to be one of those preachy stories where I try to tell you how to run your business, and how to treat your followers. Believe me, I have my shortcomings in this area too.

I wrote and told you guys about how I try hard to respond to everyone who leaves me a comment, and also respond to stories that I really enjoy reading, for one reason or another.

But although I do pretty good in this area, I really wish I could reach out to even more readers, so believe me, I can’t afford to pat myself on the back just yet. I’ve got plenty of room for improvement.

The other thing I won’t bother telling you about, is how I was able to publish OVER 200 stories since joining the site this past May.

I already wrote about that also; a week ago , when the number was only at 173 stories. You can read all about it later in: My Secret to How I Published 173 Stories in Less than 3 Months, because like I said, that’s not what THIS story is about.

The story you’re reading now, is all about giving thanks, and letting you know exactly why.

It’s one of those stories where FIRST, I say thank you to everyone for bothering to stop and read this story right now. Whether or not later on you decide to clap



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