How to Turn What You Want to Write Into What Your Readers Really Need

Do you want to earn money writing stories you like to write, and still help your readers benefit?


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If you’re a new online writer, or just new to this writing community, you may be struggling with what kind of stories you should be writing.

I recently wrote a story titled: What I Finally Figured Out By Publishing 220 Stories in Three Months, and in that story I give you my advice and opinions about the exact kind of stories you should be writing, and why.

What I shared, was my discovery of what the real money around here comes from; by writing what readers need. I even elaborated on what exactly I meant. I shared another related story I published that speaks even more, about stories readers need. You can read both stories later.

I mentioned them both, because THIS story is going to give you practical tips and ideas on how to create stories that readers need. This is not where you’ll get a full understanding of what I mean by need, other than the obvious.

Since I’m about to jump right in and give you some tips, by way of example, be sure to read one or both of the above mentioned stories, if there is something in the following information that you don’t quite understand.

Example of a Bad Story

The following examples are meant to help show you how to take a story that you wanted to write for you, and turn it into a story that readers actually need.

The following title would definitely fall into the category of being a bad story. Neither the title or the story offer any real benefit to the reader.

Example of a “bad” story that only caters to what the writer wants:

The Time I Thought the Cops Were Joking But they Actually Took Me to Jail!

This is a story I wrote, before understanding the important information that I eventually discovered over time.

What makes this a “bad” story has nothing to do with the story itself, not really. It’s based on a personal experience I had at age 19, and while some people might find it interesting, and even entertaining, it…



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