Why Do People Write about their Hard Lives and Negative Events from the Past?

Three benefits from writing about negative experiences and trying to heal from the past.

It’s a Hard Knocks Life!

Anyone who’s been following my hard knocks stories here on the site, will already know that I had a seriously troubled childhood, due to a drug-addicted mother. As you might imagine, that life is what led to wrong decisions and negative relationships later on down the road.

I mention these things, because so many of my experiences have helped shape who I am today; a person I happen to like and love a lot. I have a happy life, and I’m as well-adjusted as I can be, as long as I don’t do the things that throw me off my balance.

Some readers might wonder how that’s possible, and that’s one of the reasons why I share. To let others who may be experiencing some of the same problems in life realize that one day things will change, and there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Please take a moment to consider the following words that might help you understand and appreciate my point a little better.

Gratitude to Readers

Before I elaborate on how healing and self-awareness can be achieved, when you write and share your stories, let me thank all you readers first. I appreciate each and every one of you who continue to return and support me as a writer.

Not only can your time and attention be spent in a gazillion other places, but I’m also aware how difficult it can be for some people to read about such disheartening situations.

That is why it is so important to me to always try to show some type of valuable lesson I learned or quality I came to recognize, as a result of my negative experiences.

It is my sincere hope that anyone reading my hard knocks stories will come to my same conclusions, and find value in me writing them, especially those who relate to the circumstances.

How Writing Helps

I’ve said over and over again, more times than I can count, how healing it is to purge (I use that word a lot) myself of these memories and be able to have a release through my writing.



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